About The Sanctuary

The San Sebastian Coastal Reserve is a 30 000 hectare reserve located in the southern area of the Bazaruto Archipelago and is considered a biodiversity hotspot.

With 57 residential sites and upmarket commercial lodges this model of low-impact, high-value ecotourism has uplifted the community through job creation and will preserve the dynamic biodiversity of the region.

In October 2000 the Council of Ministers in Mozambique authorized this area of 30 000 hectares of land and sea to be developed for the establishment of an eco-tourism project with low density tourism facilities for commercial and private use.

Also involved is the management of a fully protected area for the conservation of all indigenous species, marine flora and fauna.

The neighbouring communities are the local inhabitants on the peninsula for hundreds of years and their main livelihoods are subsistence farming or fishing. Residential development and Lodges on the sanctuary aim to recruit staff locally and use local building materials such as jecca and canico from the communities to further support the local economy.

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Click below to View of An annotated checklist of birds of the Vilanculos Coastal Wildlife Sanctuary, Southern Mozambique

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